All aboard! This award-winning two-level station lets you experience all the thrills of a big city railway. Have your passenger buy a ticket, ride the lift and rush to catch the fast train. Or have the mechanic load a carriage on the train lift and take it to the workshop. Set includes a recorder for making your own station announcements, a projector that displays different destinations when tickets are inserted; and a ceiling light that can be switched on and off. • Realistic railway station with play figures and electronic features • Features two play levels connected by lifts for people and carriages. Light in the roof of the upper level can be switched on and off. • Use the play-and-record buttons on top of the roof to create your own station announcements • Comes with five tickets for different destinations. When tickets are inserted beneath the station clock, images of different cities are projected on the floor. • Vehicles include a three-carriage high-speed train, a taxi and a bus. The engine and carriages open up to seat play figures and luggage. • Play figures include a conductor with a safety sign; a mechanic with a wrench; and a tourist with hand bag. Also included are trees and street signs. • Includes tracks that can be arranged in a variety of different configurations • 2xAAA batteries included • 

Big City Station

  • Awarded Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

    Ages 3+


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